The Glorious Heresies by Lisa McInerney

The Glorious Heresies

Lisa McInerney

This edgy, unsparingly black comedy features all the usual suspects you would expect to find in a city’s criminal underworld, exploiting hard times in Eire’s post-bailout recession. Teenage drug dealing, gangland revenge, under-age prostitution and lowlife of all kinds feature in this unholy tale of sex, violence and crime, which thanks to the dry, laconic humour and very colourful Irish vernacular prose-style, may be black but is never bleak.

'... Times were tough and people were harsh and the clergy were cruel - cruel, and you know it! The most natural thing in the world is giving birth; you built your whole religion around it. And yet you poured pitch on girls like me and sold us into slavery and took our humanity away from us twice, a third time, as often as you could. I was lucky, Father. I was only sent away. A decade earlier and where would I have been? I might have died in your asylums, me with the smart mouth. I killed one man but you would have killed me in the name of your god, wouldn't you? How many did you kill? How many lives did you destroy with your morality and your Seal of Confession and your lies? Now. For the absolution. Once God knows you're sorry he lets you off the hook, isn't that right?'
'How can I believe that you're sorry when you're -'
'Me? Oh , Father. I know I'm sorry. What about you? Bless me Ireland, for I have sinned. Go on, boy. No wonder you say Holy God is brimming with the clemency; for how else would any of you bastards sleep at night?'
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