See You Tomorrow by Tore Renberg

See You Tomorrow

Tore Renberg

You'll hate yourself, but I defy you not to laugh as a terrifying collection of self-delusional, pathetic and/or grotesque characters career, meander or sleepwalk to their ends. Although it may not be the end for all of them and I for one can't wait for a second dose of Donna Tartt meets Carl Hiaasen.


On top of it all there's Jan Inge, and he's not strong but he's the one who runs everything, without him none of them are anything, and Jan Inge loves them all. If he knew about this he wouldn't go get the shotgun and blast somebody with it, he'd burn down the whole house, set fire to everything and let everybody die, including himself.

  • Snitch Jacket by Christopher Gofford
  • Pulp fiction - the film
  • Death in Breslau by Marek Krajewski

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