Orange World by Karen Russell

Orange World

Karen Russell

Just one shift from the accepted version of reality is the hallmark of these short stories. It's the way they blend seamlessly to form magic realisms that will get under your mind's skin and make you think a little differently...

Three nights without fresh news. The hunters chase a red-tailed squirrel, but have yet to sight a vukodlak. Many reputations are now at stake. Hunters grumble that perhaps the boy misled them, while the chirurgo defends the investigation to the Council of Ten. Many people, in the end, have a motivation to help a corpse to move again.
So when the doctor learns that the searchers have dug up the grave of Nediljka Nikonicic, over the family's protestations, and discovered an empty coffin, he cannot even be certain that it is Jure da Mosto who has framed him.
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