As Far As You Can Go by Lesley Glaister

As Far As You Can Go

Lesley Glaister

A lot of heat emanates from the pages of this book: the enervating heat of the Australian desert; the heat generated by sheer suspense; and the heat from the sexual undertones that pervade the story. A housekeeper/companion job in the Australian outback seems to present the perfect opportunity for Cassie and Graham to resolve their stalled relationship. However, almost from the moment of their arrival a series of increasingly disturbing events sets the tone for this high-quality, psychological thriller.

They drag on. Sweat soaks Graham's T-shirt, would take it off but then he'd fry. The sun booms, slams down, the heat actually a weight. So hot and bright, hard to look anywhere but down, but seeing the dusty blur of his moving feet makes him giddy. Walks along with closed eyes to rest them. Foot after foot after foot, throb after throb after throb of his head. His tongue feels thick and harsh in his mouth, like a doormat.
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