Sweetmeat by Luke Sutherland


Luke Sutherland

A tale of the life and loves of the staff of a London restaurant. However, the book includes angels, the Devil, several miracles, a bird with gold feathers and some recipes. Part fairy tale, part thriller and part cookery book, Sweetmeat is hard to categorise but strangely magical.

Fairy-tales aren't too bad a blueprint, Seeta. Think about it: love conquers all, even death; it drives men and women on to great deeds that are rewarded with eternal rapture and glory; hatred and evil are always confounded. Living happily ever after isn't impossible and there's nothing foolish in wishing for that end. It's all anyone wants. You say the world isn't like that, it's an unrealistic view. But if it's so unrealistic, why do so many people subscribe to it? There's no reason why dreams can't come true. Why fairy-tales can't be made flesh. There's even hope for me that way.
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