Boy Parts by Eliza Clark

Boy Parts

Eliza Clark

Being a professional society photographer should be a 'nice' occupation. But that’s not how Irina sees it. She has to make artful creations which become ever more violent. Vivid descriptions of the drug scene and night life of Newcastle make this a tough read, but hang on in there for the enduring friendship between Irina and her friend Flo. However it is compulsively readable even as you may hate what you read.


I’ll scout him. I’ll be able to get him to do some weird stuff - beta males like this are usually nasty. When you don’t get any pussy and spend your teens falllng down the free porn rabbit hole, you end up like one of those freaks with ahegao profile picture on Twitter and a internet history that’s seventy-five per cent bukkake, twenty-five percent tragic google searches .


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