This Is Happiness by  Niall Williams

This Is Happiness

Niall Williams

Noel drops out of the seminary and returns to sleepy Faha. The coming of 'the electricity' brings lodger Christy. Whilst Noel looks for his first love Christy seeks out an old love to make amends. An enchanting picture of village life where nothing happens quickly and every person, however odd, is accepted. Warm and wonderful.


... it was discovered that the 100-watt bulb was too bright for Faha .... Dust and cobwebs were discovered to have been thickening on every surface since the sixteenth century. Reality was appalling .... It turned out Siney Dunne's fine head of hair was a wig, not even close in colour to the scruff of his neck ... Marian McGlynn's healthy allure was in fact a caked make-up the colour of red turf-ash ...Tom Clohessy couldn't keep mirrors in stock.

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