Titanium Noir by  Nick Harkaway

Titanium Noir

Nick Harkaway

It took me a while to find my feet with the style, but once I did this was a pacey, intriguing and pleasingly short read with what felt like the option of a sequel. The imaginary future-city, Chersenesos, feels like New York and it’s a slightly odd but fun mix of gumshoe detective and speculative fiction, with a wild fight scene or two.


Titans are strong and heavy.  Their bones get so thick that they’re like armour plate. It’s not just a question of scale, it’s also density and structure.  Eventually they get so big, like Stefan, that they’re slow, but all kinds of new dangerous that you can’t predict.

This guy hasn’t got there yet. He’s big, and hard, and tough, but in between the bones is just meat. The kneecap pops out nicely. He screams, but it comes out like a roar.

  • The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett
  • Blade Runner - the film