The Hitman Diaries by Danny King

The Hitman Diaries

Danny King

You just don't realise how hard looking for love can be when you're a hitman. There are some very funny sequences but be warned: the humour isn't just dark, it's black; and you may even discover the best method for murdering your chosen target!

Had he seen anything?
I doubted it. I couldn't make out his face in the dark so it was highly unlikely he could make out mine. All he'd seen was the car but by the way he was driving he'd be screaming at a lot of drivers before the night was out. Besides, he had a BMW and I now had a hatchback full of bodies, I was in no position to chase after him even if I did have a machinegun close to hand and an eye witness running for the cops. I had no choice but to let him live to terrorise the roads another day.
I suddenly wished I'd left the jogger in the middle of the road around the bend for Mr BMW to plough through, thus wiping one off my slate, but you always think of these things after the event, don't you?
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