The Association of Foreign Spouses by Marilyn Heward Mills

The Association of Foreign Spouses

Marilyn Heward Mills

What could have been a straightforward story of a group of women and their ups and downs of domestic life is given a whole new dimension by its setting – 1980’s Ghana – a period of unrest. Eva’s descriptions give a deep sense of place and the minutia of daily life conveyed gives a real insight into what living in an alien country can be like. With different customs and attitudes too, outcomes are not what we might be expecting ....

But she was safe here .... Outside, on the mainly treeless roads of this part of Accra, the stuffy, sultry air could be overpowering, making thinking a chore, shortening tempers, adding an extreme level of physical discomfort to the most simple of tasks. But here, amidst the swishing tree branches, the rustle of lizards on crisp grass, the breeze that swirled round the thick vegetation within her white-washed, garden walls, here, she could dream, and still hope.
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