All Quiet on the Orient Express by Magnus Mills

All Quiet on the Orient Express

Magnus Mills

Slightly surreal set in a strange and engaging community. A young out of work camper finds himself the sole occupant of a camp site and starts to do odd jobs for the enigmatic owner. Black humour and a touch of impending horror make this an entertaining but unnerving read!

'Now then' he said, turning to me. 'Do you know how to seal a tin of paint?' 'No' I said. 'Sorry I don't.' 'Well I'm surprised about that. I thought you said you worked in a paint shop.' 'Yeah, but that was spray paint. It all came out of pressure pipes.' 'Ah, well,' he said. 'It's easy enough done' .... The tin I was holding had never been opened before. I also noticed there was no label. 'How do you know what colour it is?' I asked. 'It's green,' he replied. 'Yeah, but how do you know?' 'I got it in a job lot,' he said. 'All the unlabelled ones are green.' I looked across at the green petrol pump, and the green painted doors on the big shed. 'Nice colour' I remarked. 'Can't stand it myself' said Mr Parker.
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