The Ripple Effect by Dominic Holland

The Ripple Effect

Dominic Holland

A one-joke stand-up act turned into a novel to laugh-aloud effect. Bill Baxter, a contented shift supervisor in a small bakery, has an abiding passion for his local football club, Middleton Edwardians seemingly doomed to relegation and debt-ridden extinction. In a bizarre and very funny series of repercussions from Bill's failure to fill a batch of doughnuts with jam, Middleton gets a reprieve and the reader is introduced to a group of comic caricatures who have tabloid familiarity - the politician with something to hide, the violent and stupid football star and his greedy agent.

Jeremy breathed in heavily through his nose, assuring himself that everything was going to be fine. He looked at himself in the mirror. He was strong and handsome with, crucially for political office these days, a full head of hair. He clenched his jaw defiantly, and looked as manly as any man can look while sucking on a dummy or, as Jeremy preferred to call it, a soother.
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