The Wine of Angels by Phil Rickman

The Wine of Angels

Phil Rickman

I enjoyed this book so much it made me go and read all Phil Rickman's other titles. Revd. Merrily Watkins not only has to battle with prejudice against women priests in rural Herefordshire, but also the single parenthood of a feisty teenage daughter, sinister goings-on in the cider industry and an ancient tragedy still working itself out in the present. Very real charcters, a touch of the supernatural and a lovely black sense of humour.

'You have to learn to open up. Let the world flow into you again. Go into the village on your own and go in smiling. That's what Traherne did. Happiest man in the county. Discovered felicity. His great realization was that God wants us to enjoy life and nature. That if we don't, we're throwing it all back in His face. Traherne walked the fields and was truly happy.' 'Maybe he'd just discovered magic mushrooms,' Lol said. Lucy snorted, pulled down her big hat and left him to it.
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