Special Delivery by Iselin Hermann

Special Delivery

Iselin Hermann

A series of letters between two people who have never met, but who form an intense relationship. It has a surprise ending!


Jean-Luc, I have put off writing this letter until I was ready to burst, in order to practise patience. Thank you for your long letter. I have read and re-read it, and put every word in my mouth and sucked on it until the ink ran out ... it is so lovely when you talk to yourself and let me listen to your mumbling ... lovely to wait together with you ... lovely to wait with you for your morning coffee in the vieux port at Cannes. I can see you sitting there with the morning sun on your face and your collar turned up against the breeze on your back. I can see your hand on the shiny round table-top in the cafe. I have never been to Cannes but now you have handed it to me on a plate.

  • Border State by Tonu Onnepalu
  • Il Postino - the film

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