Twelve by Nick McDonell


Nick McDonell

White Mike is a shadowy, insubstantial figure selling drugs to rich kids on the Upper East Side. We are given brief glimpses into his life and thoughts, and I liked him. The novel features 10 key characters and despite only tiny insights you do feel as though you know these people. Their lives and the plot converge on New Year's Eve. Cool and scary, it feels inevitable - and it's totally compulsive.


'I think I know why you don't drink', said Alice. They were in a bar on Second Avenue that served kids. She was drinking a cosmopolitan; he was drinking coffee.
'Why?' asked White Mike.
'You like the power you have from being sober all the time around people who are fucked up'.

  • The Tesseract by Alex Garland
  • Baggage by Emily Barr

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