The Dead of Summer by Camilla Way

The Dead of Summer

Camilla Way

Factory worker Anita, looks back on some horrific events in mid 1980's Lewisham when she was thirteen years old. The language is uncompromising and spoken from the heart and may have readers feeling uncomfortable.

The thing you have to remember here is that to everyone else this is a horror story. 'The Events' 'The Truth Behind the Mines Murders!' But to me it was life. It was just my life. Do you know what I mean? Things happened. Things went wrong. OK, things went very, very, wrong. But at the time it was just us kids - me, Kyle and Denis - just kids knocking about. Because after the questions; after the whats, the whys, the whens, after the outrage and the disbelief, I'm just me, here, without anything I used to have.
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