How the Dead Live by Will Self

How the Dead Live

Will Self

If you don't believe in life after death, this book won't upset you. If you do believe, then you've got a nasty surprise in store. Will Self's grimly funny story will make you laugh in spite of yourself - a surprisingly moral tale from the master of 20th century misbehaviour.


Just as when I was alive hardly anyone at Chandler Communications had bothered to ask me who, what, where or why I was - so nobody at Baskin's Public Relations gave a rat's ass either. Each day I stomped to work down Argos Road, turning into Corinth Way with its coursing traffic, taking a short cut along the gentrified Sparta Terrace - who says the dead can't be upwardly mobile? - and traversing Syracuse Park, before catching the bus that ran down Athens Road.

  • Great Apes by Will Self
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