The Fire Fighter by Francis Cottam

The Fire Fighter

Francis Cottam

The descriptions of the London black out and the Blitz made me feel I was there. Add to this some great descriptions of fires and fire fighting, of the terrifyingly real prospect of losing the war in 1940 and an intriguing espionage plot. I read this in a single night.


‘Winston says that there were twenty thousand Nazi sympathizers in this country at the outbreak of war,’ White said.
‘Some harmful lies are no doubt told deliberately. But rumour festers in a situation such as this. We have to live with that.’
'Are you aware that Babcock is a Communist?’ Finlay said.
Grey and the Major stretched forward and looked at each other around White. Then Grey snorted with laughter. ‘Nonsense. Babcock is a dyed-in-the-wool anarcho-syndicalist. He told me so himself.’

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