Ghost  MacIndoe by Jonathan Buckley

Ghost MacIndoe

Jonathan Buckley

A picture of one man's post-war life, built up from the memories of an 'ordinary' person. A decidedly unemotional take on life-changing events - few feelings on show here.


When he went to the bar to collect their drinks, Megan was standing there. Behind her, propped on his arms, with one leg extended and the other crossed over it at the ankle, was a man with a Buddy Holly hairstyle and long sideburns that tapered. His jacket was burgundy velvet, and he wore askew, a thick velvet tie of the same colour. He was perhaps ten years older than Megan. 'This is Mitchell' said Megan stepping aside to present him. 'Mitchell this is Alexander.'

  • The Orchard on Fire by Shena Mackay
  • In a Land of Plenty by Tim Pears

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