Kind One by Laird Hunt

Kind One

Laird Hunt

1911 and Ginny looks back over her life and in particular the six years of her teenage marriage in pre-Civil War Kentucky. I mirrored Ginny's confusion as I tried to make sense of her truly horrible memories and, indeed, nearly gave up! But I'm so glad I didn't as finally not only Ginny but also another major character both find peace and some hope for the future.


'I would have rescued you up out of whatever situation it was,' he said, 'I would have brought my rifle and stiffed my jaw and marched into whatever it was and got you out,' he said.
... 'Yes, I expect you would have tried, I can see that,' I said.
... He was quiet after I said this and even quieter after what I said next. And if you had found me, it might not have been me you chose to help.

  • The Last Runaway by Tracy Chevallier
  • The Silent Boy by Andrew Taylor
  • The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner

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