The Necropolis Railway by Andrew Martin

The Necropolis Railway

Andrew Martin

Murder, mystery and railways. But there is a lot more to this book. I loved the sense of being in the murkey mysterious depths of Victorian London. I thought the story was a cracker too - it certainly kept me guessing.

I fished in my jacket pocket for the first of the letters from Rowland Smith, and viewed again the miracle that had brought me to this cold, crashing shed:
'I think I have the power to bring you on without resorting to the usual formalities .... Testimonials will be required, however ...'.
The letters fluttered in the icy breeze, looking suddenly very flimsy indeed. Noise was coming from all parts of the shed, like the banging of hundreds of broken pianos, yet for the time being there was not a soul in sight. Any idea that I had made a mistake - and a dangerous one at that - in coming to Nine Elms must on no account be allowed.
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