The Merciful Women by Federico Andahazi

The Merciful Women

Federico Andahazi

A sensuous, clever and ironic look at authorship disguised as a Gothic novel. John Polidori lives in the shadow of Byron and Shelley until monsters change his life. You will need a strong stomach at times but you won't be able to put the book down!

Polidori had his mouth full of paper and the corner of a page poked through his inky lips; on his lap was what was left of the book: the limp cover and a few remaining pages. He finished chewing and swallowed noisily, trying to hide what could not be hidden. Before turning on his heel and leaving the room, Byron whispered: 'Bon appetit!'
Polidori's only answer was a helpless little burp, dry, bitter and much too quiet to constitute a literary opinion.
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Explicit sexual content