The Gift by David Flusfeder

The Gift

David Flusfeder

You shouldn't experience any problems racing through this one. Humour abounds, the narrative flows through dialogue and action but there is pain, confusion and quite serious mental disturbance in there as well, albeit portrayed with a light hand. A good holiday read if you want to tackle something with potential to make you think without exerting much mental energy in the process!


Fuck, I said.
I knew that Barry had something up his sleeve. There had been an offer about to be made, a gift to be bestowed. The organic hamper had been a disaster and I still owed them for Sean's muffins, the flowerpot in the hallway, for everything. He was belittling me. I went into the house to look for alcohol. The telephone was still ringing.

  • The Apologist: A Novel by Jay Rayner
  • Coming From Behind by Howard Jacobson
  • Therapy by David Lodge

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