Hereditation by J P Smythe


J P Smythe

Must the sins of the fathers be passed down each generation - or can the two Sloane brothers escape the cycle of infidelity and fatherless children revealed in their family records? This is a family cursed from when its ancestors landed in the New World, with wicked skeletons and black sheep worthy of a Greek tragedy. A darkly surreal tale in the Cohen Brothers tradition.


'He was a wonderful man,' agreed Joshua Mandelbraum and Frank Waits, standing in the corner, waiting to talk to the mother. Erwin had to bite his tongue to stop himself from correcting them. The women in attendance, for their part, seemed to know nobody else there, hovering around the drinks and doorways like dust-mites. The mother watched them from her seat and made sure to laugh extra loudly at whoever was charming to her, to make sure that the gaggle saw her enjoying herself, emotionally done with Ezra Sloane.

  • World According to Garp by John Irving
  • Outer Dark by Cormac McCarthy

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