A Vision of Loveliness by Louise Levene

A Vision of Loveliness

Louise Levene

Fast-paced, lighthearted, sharp and fun, this book, seemingly based on the Profumo Affair of 1963, looks behind the scenes at how to become a 1960's WAG. A chance encounter with a handbag leads Jane 'Janey' James through her journey to become one of society's upper class. A must read for anyone interested in becoming a lady of leisure!

Was he with anybody? She scanned the tables vaguely and spotted a large group of rather drunk but rather smart-looking people over in the corner. An unnaturally tall, long-legged showgirl in a lot of feathers was with them.
'I just came over to make a telephone call. I ought to introduce myself. My name's John Hullavington.'
'Great name. Your own?' What a good line that was.
'My very own. And you are?'
'Jane James. Really.' She nearly gave him the 'Do call me Janey, everybody does' routine but she stopped herself in time. He wasn't everybody.
A blonde woman had broken away from the laughing group in the corner and was heading in their direction.
'Time for another dance, Miss James.'
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