Ali and Nino by Kurban Said

Ali and Nino

Kurban Said

How do you choose between your love for your wife and your love for your country? In this moving love story, a young Muslim man has to deal with the conflicting demands which arise in his previously untroubled life. Set in Azerbaijan before and during the first world war, the background is as rich as the love story.

'Good evening, Seyd,'
Nino's voice was controlled, but she sounded depressed. Syd Mustafa jumped up. His pock-marked face showed something like terror. Nino sat down on the mats:
'Another cup of tea, Seyd?
From the corridor we heard innumerable slippers scurrying to and fro. The House of Shirvanshir's honour had collapsed for ever. It took Seyd several minutes to recover from his horror. Nino made a little face at him:
'I was not afraid of machine-guns, and I won't be afraid of your eunuchs.'
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