Sophisticated Boom Boom by John Kelly

Sophisticated Boom Boom

John Kelly

Music will take you whever you want to go. For a teenager in Enniskillen in the late 70s, that's a long, long way. If music was part of your growing up, whether it was pop, punk or country, I guarantee this book will strike a chord.


There was also a vague girl thing going on too, as nervy huddles of them in multicoloured windcheaters watched us kick the ball around - something that was oddly agreeable in a way it had never been before. But the most important thing now, more important than indoor soccer, or Space invaders, or the whispering girls, is that Thin Lizzy were coming to play in the complex. A real band. Our favourite band. Thursday, 3 April 1980 would be the day I would leave the house in a brown cardigan and come home in a creaking leather jacket.

  • The Rotters Club by Jonathan Coe
  • Jack Fruscante has Left the Band by Enrico Brizz

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