Want to Play? by P J Tracy

Want to Play?

P J Tracy

Hang on for the first 50 pages: many characters are introduced but they soon become fully-fleshed individuals. A serial killer, a group of friends with a secret and a computer game are the main elements of this intelligent, fast-paced thriller.


Grace lifted one side of the duster and showed the Sig Sauer. The detective's eyes softened briefly in a look usually reserved for lovers. Leave it to a cop to get mushy over a gun, she thought.
'A Sig, huh? Impressive. Nine-millimetre?'
'That's right. Not a .22, Detective. That is what killed the girl in the cemetery, isn't it?'
To their credit, neither man batted an eye.

  • The Secret History by Donna Tartt
  • Resurrecting Salvador by Jeremy Dronfield

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