The Adventures of Flash Jackson by William Kowalski

The Adventures of Flash Jackson

William Kowalski

In ther year after her accident, Haley is influenced by three different women: Miz Powell, her grandmother and Letty Horgan. A fascinating coming of age story with strong female characters.


So I knew what was in store for me when Mother got back with the old lady. I'd have to drink some nasty brew that made your tongue want to curl up and die, she'd burn a little of the green stuff,and that would be that. Strange thing was, it always worked. She'd put her hands on me to find out exactly where the problem was ... but every time she put her hands on me I felt better right away. You could feel something coming out of her and into you, and when it stopped it was like she'd reached into your guts and shifted things around just a little bit, just enough to set things right again.

  • Virgin Blue by Tracey Chevalier
  • My Soul to Keep by Tananarive Due

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