A Father's Affair by Karel Van Loon

A Father's Affair

Karel Van Loon

Armin, the father of a thirteen year old boy, discovers that he has been infertile all his life. Erotic, passionate and absorbing: in his quest to discover the biological father of his son, Armin's forced to confront the demons of love, sex, grief and fatherhood. A brilliant read and, for once, I didn't guess the ending.

My memory's like the filing system of some boozed-up cataloguer; it's full of gaps and improvisations, the drawers have fallen on the floor, the cards have been hastily swept together. Sometimes months go by with no filing activity at all, then the work turns feverish but sloppy. I have a filing cabinet full of memories, but where are the ones that can help me answer the questions that keep me awake these days? Who is the father of my son? With whom did my late beloved betray me? And when? And above all: why? How can it be that I never noticed a thing, that I never had the slightest suspicion.
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Explicit sexual content