Butterfly Soup by Jan Marsh

Butterfly Soup

Jan Marsh

A classic murder mystery, where the heroine, in this case a gay counsellor, investigates to prove her client innocent. In spite of discouragement from friends, family and fellow professionals Gabrielle wins the day against the baddies at some risk to herself. Exotic surroundings are provided by the New Zealand countryside and some interesting Maori touches add local interest. Short enough to be enjoyed at one sitting!

Gabrielle remembered the name. Martina had been interviewed on TV at the time of the Wellington serial rapist and had given a profile of the type of person who would do this. When they caught him she had proved to be close to the mark.
Forensic psychology sounded interesting. It was not usually relevant to the counselling work that Gabrielle did, but she was a keen reader of detective fiction and one of her favourite TV programmes had a feisty woman profiler who often saved the day.
There was a Wellington contact number on the leaflet and, doubting that anyone would be there, she thought she could just leave a message. She was surprised to hear a low voice answer, ‘Martina speaking.’
Gabrielle took the plunge and explained what had happened and how the police had taken Jasmine’s file and how concerned she felt about Jasmine. It was a relief to talk about it and Martina seemed a good listener, interested in the story.
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