Morvern Callar by Alan Warner

Morvern Callar

Alan Warner

The first-person narrative seemed to invite intimacy, but Morvern and her actions remain enigmatic - her feelings are never acknowledged explicitly. From my knowledge the West Highland community depicted here seems an atmospheric and realistic portrayal, while the Club Med type scenes are tinged with a greater fantasy element. Useful to read if you want to explore some good music - Morvern (and her dead boyfriend) have great taste!

He'd cut His throat with the knife. He'd near chopped off His hand with the meat cleaver. He couldnt object so I lit a Silk Cut. A sort of wave of something was going across me. There was fright but I'd daydreamed how I'd be.

He was bare and dead face-down on the scullery lino with blood round. The Christmas tree lights were on then off. You could change the speed those ones flashed at. Over and over you saw Him stretched out then the pitch dark with His computer screen still on.

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