Politics by Adam Thirlwell


Adam Thirlwell

This book is not about politics, this book is about sex. In a clever and very original way the author uses snapshots of political history to illustrate the complex relationships in a menage a trois. I put the startlingly explicit beginning down to shock tactics, but no, the book does manage to be quite as shocking for the whole 279 pages. Eye opening!


The thing is, Moshe was not a Don Juan type. If he had been a Don Juan type, he would have seen his current sexual situation as a conquest. He would have seen two girls at once as a sexual victory. But Moshe did not see it this way. And I can understand this. I am not a Don Juan type either.
Moshe was moral. He loved Nana. He loved her virtuously. And this virtuous love meant that he could not really enjoy it, the menage a trois.
In the glam film Cabaret, there is a fraught conversation between Sally and Brian, the original girlfriend and boyfriend. Brian shouts, 'Oh screw Maximilian!' to which Sally replies, 'I do.' Then Brian, after a little pause, quietly says, 'So do I.'

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