Mateship with Birds by Carrie Tiffany

Mateship with Birds

Carrie Tiffany

When a lonely farmer teaches a neighbour's son the facts of life, he draws on his own experience and his observations of the birds and beasts. A surprisingly sensual and gentle novel set in 1950's rural Australia.

'The dress should give a man some indication of the basic shape of the female it contains. Is she well covered? What of the rump and the bosom? The thin frame is to be avoided. It's alright in a girl because you know she'll get over it, but never in a woman. The female was made to carry flesh. It's shorter, closer to the ground, lower centre of gravity. Look at Pauline.' Harry waves his pipe in her direction. 'The hips should be capacious. They should spread. Think of how we choose a milker at the sales - lean against her and see that she isn't going to collapse.'
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