Walking Bones by Charlotte Carter

Walking Bones

Charlotte Carter

In a downtown New York bar, Nettie smashes a glass in the face of the white man who has insulted her. Then begins a strange and masochistic love affair. Delving into some deeper issues of race and sexuality made me feel slightly furtive, but my initiation into contemporary American noir was fast, gripping and very, very hot!

Then he said, - Sit on the bed, Nettie. I want to give you something. I know you don't want any more gifts, but I saw it in Boston and I had to get it. Sit, Nettie, sit.

Shaking her head, half frowning, half smiling at the futility of forbidding him to buy her things, she sat down on the bed.

This time it was a gift-wrapped box, large. He laid it on the carpet and unpacked the garment. Then he held it up for her to see, against his own body.

She felt that little rush. The rush one gets at the first sight of a piece of clothing one was destined to wear, something meant for oneself.

This certainly was.

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Explicit sexual content