British Summertime by Paul Cornell

British Summertime

Paul Cornell

This will really make you think though it seems to be just another alien story. It takes in time travel, alternate realities and glimpses of how life could have been if events in the time of Judas Escariot had been changed by future aliens. And there's a hidden political agenda regarding the fuel crisis! For all that, it is a great contemporary novel with important things to say.

The Crimson Dragon became a blistering white comet in the sky over southern England.
It made a high keening sound as it fell, the sound of something trying to fly.
It burst the barrier as soon as there was air enough. The booms echoed across a patchwork land below, where roads were jammed with traffic. There was a landscape of green beneath. Leyton roared the craft as the picture below became clearer and clearer. He hauled back on the joystick with all his weight. The radio blazed snatches of life from the earth below his face.
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