Young Turk by Moris Farhi

Young Turk

Moris Farhi

A collection of thirteen stories about a group of young Turks (male and female; Muslim, Jew and Christian) growing up during and just after the Second World War. A fascinating picture of a time and a culture about which I knew little. What a wonderful group of young friends who struggle to remain true to themselves and their ideals! - and have a great deal of fun and tragedy along the way. I particularly enjoyed Musa's story of the Turkish Baths.


Mueller Hanim sobbed. 'I had a son, too ... I ran away ... I thought he'd be safe ... without a communist for a mother .... Is that what you did - run away also?'
Tears began to run down Saadet's face. 'I was careless ....'
Mueller Hanim stared at her, puzzled. 'Careless ...?
Saadet repeated the word bitterly. 'Careless.'

  • The Emigrants by W G Sebald
  • Children of the Rainbow by Moris Farhi
  • Snow by Orhan Pamuk

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