Call Me the Breeze by Patrick McCabe

Call Me the Breeze

Patrick McCabe

Just freefall into the somewhat turbulent flow and don't worry if you never quite fathom out where you're going! You might have to work a bit to engage with the disturbed and manic central character, Joey Tallon, but if you want a walk on the wild side then go for it! Black humour takes the edge off the chilling backdrop of The Troubles in 70s' Ireland with character development rather in the style of Spike Milligan.

I knew what he was intimating but I didn't want to address it directly. We both knew he'd seen me with Mona - he'd fucking well made it his business to! So, to make it easier on both of us, I said I had seen inflatable girls for sale openly now in a shop in Dublin and if he wanted I could get him one, 'if that's what you want'. He flushed and looked away, drank a mouthful of whisky and muttered 'Aye! Aye! Maybe!'
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Explicit sexual content