Coralena by Michael Mail


Michael Mail

This is a compelling read with many twists and turns. Set in 1970's Germany it explores Sophia and her family's damaged lives, and her obsession in investigating the mystery surrounding her Coralena apartment and the neighbours. The pace of the quest matches the deterioration of her mind.


'So we can only talk about the past when it suits you!' Sophia's anger was pulsating through her. 'The edited bits you can enjoy. When it's all about you and what you went through. Is that it? Don't you know what Christmas is all about? It's about the birth of a Jew. Does that upset your Christmas?!'
Her father tried to calm the situation, but it was too late, too late for Sophia. It was discussion now she craved. She finished explaining about Bonhoff's. She explained about the Litmanns. She explained about the factories, carefully constructed that put living people in at one end and manufactured dead ones out the other.

  • The Sixth Lamentation by William Brodrick
  • The Song of Names by Norman Lebrecht

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