11 Emerald Street by Hugh O'Donnell

11 Emerald Street

Hugh O'Donnell

This book gives an insight into the social history of Southern Ireland through the eyes of Robbie, the main character. His mind flits here and there, just like the story, but it's beautifully written and portrays the innocence of childhood, describing raw emotion to downright naughtiness. Robbie's head injury and his belief that he can perform miracles from God, is completely believeable. If you choose to believe too - don't be ashamed. I did. If you don't believe, then so be it. Read it and decide for yourself.

Then a miracle happened. That night me and Peter were telling all the lads about our adventure when we heard a tiny little meow. It had just started to rain and this tiny little black and white kitten climbed in through the window. Richard Mooney was the only one asleep and the kitten walked straight across his love letters to Carmel Tucker with her muddy paws and headed straight for Michael Porter and starting licking the tears off his face. We were all afraid to move or talk. You could see Michael Porter's eyes blazing in the nearly darkness as she settled by his pillow. You could hear her purring in the stillness. Nobody said a word, but we all knew without saying anything, somehow, somewhere, we were all looked after and we weren't alone. Next day we christened his kitten Muddy Paws.
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