Becoming Strangers by Louise Dean

Becoming Strangers

Louise Dean

Two couples travel to a Caribbean island for a last holiday. Despite the serious subject matter (two of the characters are very ill and many of the bitter truths about families emerge), you will be uplifted by the positive events in the story that show there is indeed often life left in old dogs! I felt myself laughing and nodding in agreement with many of the keen observations about human nature.

With three bottles of beer upended and a stack of empty beer bottles, the group lay back and George was nearly asleep when Bill stood up unevenly, shaking sand about him, and rubbing his hands together proclaimed his intention to try the waters. Walking down to the seashore, he removed an article of clothing every few paces until all four of the others sat upright, one after the other,
'He's not ...'
'He is ...'

He wriggled out of his Y-fronts and tossed them high in the air behind him before taking to the water with a fine belly flop.

When he came out for air, further out, they applauded him. He raised his hands to acknowledge them and shouted like a boy,'Whoooh-hooh!Bloody fantastic!'

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