The Honeymoon by Justin Haythe

The Honeymoon

Justin Haythe

This is a book that deserves to be much better known. It is simply one of the best books for book groups that I've read in a long time. It left my brain teeming with unanswered questions. The writing style is so prosaic that that when something shocking actually does happen the reader is genuinely taken aback.

Maureen's letter did not surprise me. During lunch I had watched Maureen stare at Annie. She watched as Annie pushed her hair back and slipped, with nimble fingers, a few loose strands beneath her hair clip. I saw Maureen's eye's slide dangerously across Annie's soft face, and down her neck, and I wanted desperately to brush them off. To stamp on those ugly thoughts like insects. I watched Maureen look at Annie's hand, which she had the rather annoying habit of sometimes resting on the table, lifeless, beside her plate as she ate. As I watched I knew that Maureen was busy making ugly calculations.
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