The Flood by David Maine

The Flood

David Maine

A new look at a very old story. I particularly enjoyed the internal monologues of the characters. I also thought the way the author developed the relationship between each couple as their ordeal continued was very well done. The way the sons and daughter-in-laws tiptoed round Noe was very human and the sheer misery and weariness for the inhabitants of the ark was well conveyed. The feeling that even Noe might despair hangs in the air. Don't be put off by the Biblical background. It's really very funny.

The water kept rising till even the mountain tops disappeared. I find myself wondering if people tried climbing those mountains to stay above the water, and what they did when the waves drew close. Those last precious cubits above the water would have been the whole world then. People would not have been noble or selfless in any way.
They would have been ugly and bitter and mean. Women tossing their children aside, men trampling women. Big men snapping the necks of the weak as they scramble to reach the very top. People will do anything to save themselves, it is how we have been fashioned.
Anyway it is done now.

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