Tickled Pink by Rita Rudner

Tickled Pink

Rita Rudner

Rita Rudner is a stand-up comedian so parts of this story have got to be autobiographical. It's the tale of Mindy Solomon trying to make it big on Broadway in the 1980s. The chapters read like episodes from a comedy series - the clever ending of each one ensuring that you read on. One scene had me crying with laughter, so be warned only to be read in public if you don't mind people staring as you chortle loudly.

Three days later Mindy arrived early for her first day of rehearsal. She felt a surge of pride as she walked down the dank, smelly alley, past the homeless person sleeping in the refrigerator box, and arrived at the stage door. No longer a civilian - a theatre-loving, ticket-buying, seat-sitting ordinary Joe - she now had a right to enter a theatre from the back. She paused to enjoy the moment she had worked so hard to achieve, then attempted to pull open the heavy, iron door. It was locked.

'I'm in the wrong place. I didn't really get the job. My watch has stopped and I'm late.' All these thoughts raced through Mindy's mind. She pulled the iron door again. Nothing moved. The homeless person stirred in the alley. He said one word that radically changed Mindy's immediate future for ever. He said,

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