The Radleys by Matt Haig

The Radleys

Matt Haig

This novel about a family of 'abstaining vampires' begins really well and the expectation is for something highly original and amusing. Once the 'practising vampires' appear, the tone becomes a bit more traditional horror story with violence of a fantasy type rather than human to human suffering. Clever, interesting ideas and witty use of language - The Radleys will definitely appeal beyond the teen urban gothic market.

It's at this point her fear starts to harden into anger. She punches at his back, pulls at his hair, and bites into his palm.
She tastes his blood and bites harder.
'Aagh! You bitch! Aagh!
Something changes.
Her mind sharpens.
Suddenly there is no fear at all.
No sickness
No weakness.
Just the blood, the beautiful taste of human blood.
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