Gone Bamboo by Anthony Bourdain

Gone Bamboo

Anthony Bourdain

Sit on a beach, drink in hand, relax and let this entertainment roll over you like a big wave crashing down with warmth and shock.

'Yeah. I goota get back, check in with some people.It ain't all play down here. So enjoy it while you can.I'll be in touch.' Little Petey put down his empty glass, patted the gun in his waistband. 'Good luck,' said Kevin. 'I guess I'll be seeing you ,then.'
'Yeah. I'll be by.'

When he was gone, Kevin sat down on a broken couch by the single fan in the room and closed his eyes. The music sounded good ... music and the voices of laughing women ... creaking bedsprings. In a while, he'd check out the beach. Maybe this wasn't going to be so bad after all.

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