Crashing America by Katia Noyes

Crashing America

Katia Noyes

This is a gritty debut novel with a feisty heroine. When her best friend dies, Girl, a 17 year old street punk leaves San Francisco in search of a place where she can belong. Like a modern day Dorothy, Girl shows us the forgotten people of America's heartland and takes us to places far beyond our own front-door.

The sun burned away into dusk. I was finally putting the plains behind me. All that possibiliteee, the bare-boned architecture of the country...What had I found? The carcasses of grain elevators, the old bricks and boards of Independence, the splayed out crumbling ruins. All I knew was to keep going and look for the next thing. Someday I'd feel connected to something. Or was it all about crashing through?
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