Coyote Blue by Christopher Moore

Coyote Blue

Christopher Moore

His neighbours think Sam Hunter is a successful insurance salesman with a big car and a nice house but Samson Hunts Alone fled the Crow reservation twenty years ago after a brush with the law and created a new identity for himself. If you have ever wondered how people like the Crow fare in the modern world this funny book will tell you.

'I ain't in any danger at all, you know. I seen my death in a medicine dream. I get shot and it ain't nowhere near this old truck. Nope, I'm plumb safe in this truck, no matter what I do.'
'What about me? Samson asked.
'Don't know? What's your death dream?
'I didn't have one.'
Pokey looked down at Samson with a worried expression 'You didn't?'
'Nope,' Samson said with a gulp.
'Well then if I wreck you could be plumb fucked.'
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