Flash Point by Paul Adam

Flash Point

Paul Adam

If you’d like to enjoy an easy to read thriller set in Tibet (great location) this is the one to try but if you like more pace and intensity read Eliot Pattison or better still read them both.


The Chinese were closing in from both ends, moving swiftly through the houses. Their voices were getting nearer. Maggie looked around. There was nowhere to run, but maybe there was somewhere to hide. On one side of the alley the buildings had two storeys. Their walls were sheer, smooth, unclimbable. On the other side they were the same, except for a small gap where the stonework was interrupted by a short length of wooden fencing about eight feet high. There was a gate in the fence – Maggie tried it. It was locked.

  • Skull Mantra by Eliot Pattison
  • Moonlight Hotel by Scott Anderson

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