The Story of my Face by Kathy Page

The Story of my Face

Kathy Page

A tense and atmospheric read from start to finish. You switch from the hot English summer of 1969 to the fierce winter of Finland in the present as Natalie remembers what happened when she was 13 and researches the origins of the religious cult that had such an impact on her life. It's emotional and honest and will pull you in deep.


Telling or discovering a secret, even being in the vicinity of someone else doing one of these things is never without ramifications. It must always be some kind of beginning, it can shift you with terrifying abruptness from one possibility to another and in a few swift seconds, change the entire shape of a life for better or for worse. That's why secrets are kept in the first place, and why letting them go is properly a terrifying thing to do, thought about endlessly before it's done.

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Explicit sexual content